Getting Around (The Way It Is) in DC

With parking at a premium, traffic at an unconscionable high, and with Metro’s “safetracking”….wow, no wonder the new way of getting around in DC is so creative. We want to be in the City, and we want to move about while we are here, but the traditional modes of transportation seem less and less viable. And yet the bet is on living in DC, why, because of the obvious benefits:  great work, growing neighborhoods, fantastic restaurants and bars, world-class museums, parks, plenty of volunteer opportunities. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the recent media on getting around in the City:

Washington, DC is a fantastic city for bikeriding. Noted in prior blogs, DC has dedicated bike lanes and new bike paths that make it easy to get around. To top it off, DC was just named the 9th best biking city in the U.S.

Want to give Uber some competition? If you are in Wards 4, 7 or 8, you will notice a new effort by taxis to provide fixed route service. That will make it easier to travel within those parts of the City. And if you’re walking, GreaterGreaterWashington has put together a nice map that shows great value in transportation and affordable housing.

You may know that Park Day was highly successful. We are now seeing parks show up in all kinds of interesting places. And DC Curbed has a good article on mini parks around the City.

Looking for a place to live? We are getting a good look at what’s happening around Walter Reed on Georgia Avenue, a foretaste of good things to come in this newly imagined part of DC. As always, if you are actively searching or need a review of your home for listing, contact The Faulkner Team. Our goal is to help you reach your real estate goals.

brunch-at-due-southWhen it comes to getting around in DC, the dogs may have it better than we do. This past weekend, Lynn and I had a good brunch at Due South, the deep southern outpost at the Navy yard (next to one of our favorite restaurants, Osteria Morini).  Due South cooks in the old style, but don’t get fooled by the spic…their buffalo-style chicken and Alabama Sauce are memorable. Brunch was good, the day was perfect, and after, webarktoberfest-2 stopped by Barktoberfest…fabulous day in the City.

Steve Longley, The Faulkner Team and