Your Home’s Quality of Life



YES! Your home has a quality of life! In the DC market, with inventory low and multiple contracts placed on most listings, your home has good reason to be competitive in every way. Two specific points:

Solar panels.  We are noticing increased use of solar energy in new and old homes. As climate change continues to influence our choice of energy sources, this is one that could pay off in a significant way. Check out Curbed’s report on Elon Musk’s solar venture. 

Also in Curbed is an excellent summary of Coldwell Banker’s survey on smart home technology. A strong 44% of people who want a move-in-ready home expect the home to be outfitted with smart tech.

Who wouldn’t want smart technology in the home:  With the highest percentage in history (recent history, I assume) of Millenials living at home, and with the first winery in DC scheduled to open next year, homeowners in Greater Washington have good rationale to be out of the house and will want to tap that smart tech in many ways.

See this article also on Steve’s blogpost, MovinInDC, featuring residential real estate, neighborhood development and new interests in and around the DC area.


One more note on happenings in the District, if you’ve been following improvements in the Navy Yard, take a look at Nena Perry-Brown’s article in UrbanTurf on the pre-construction of the long-in-the-works 11th Street Bridge Park…may start pre-construction this month.

DC continues to live up to its reputation as a great place to live and work. If you would like to discuss listing your home, or if you are interested in moving into the City, contact us!