The Faulkner Team

Going the Extra Mile

Diane Faulkner Diane Faulkner

The Faulkner Team is built on Diane’s personal and professional way of life --- “Going the Extra Mile” – a philosophy and strategy that has led her clients to consistently reach their best possible outcomes. Going the Extra Mile reflects Diane’s leadership over the entire real estate process: negotiating price, analyzing market trends, interpreting value, navigating through inspections, foreseeing and countering challenges before they appear… and yes, bringing over artwork, fixing an appliance, letting out the dog. Taking every step…and seeing the extra mile ahead to successfully get to settlement.

Lynn Longley Lynn Longley

Clients come first. After all the decisions are made and the move is complete, it all comes down to one overarching result: you. My relationship to you is the most important element of my real estate work. Getting you the results you need at the right time – and in as smooth a way a possible – is Going the Extra Mile!

Stephen Longley Stephen Longley

I am a second generation realtor, raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland and rural Central Virginia; I have worked in DC for over 30 years and know the city very well. I am very excited to be the new member of the Faulkner Team! My background in marketing and business development brings additional skills to the team, and by far the professional value is in Going the Extra Mile for our clients.