So You Want to Buy An Upscale Condo in Downtown Bethesda?

Who doesn’t?
Downtown Bethesda is home to some of the area’s nicest high rise apartments and condos. It is one of the few residential communities in Greater Washington where you can leave your car in the garage until you go for a drive in the country. With over 200 restaurants, live music venues, a couple of museums, proximity to parks and biking trails and of course the excellent schools, Bethesda is a favorite destination with much to offer.

The Range
The new upscale condos in Bethesda are magnificent. As of this writing, there are a couple of nice options for $4M that are 3 bedrooms and slightly under 3,000 square feet (Hampden Row). And the new Stonehall complex is offering a 2200+ sq ft 3 BR for just under $2M.

Let’s say you don’t want to spend $2 to $4M for a condo in Bethesda but you want the modern conveniences, the great location and enough space to invite friends over. What’s the market? Aside from the outliers mentioned above, the new and relatively new upscale condos in downtown Bethesda are ranging from around $600,000 to $900,000.

Lionsgate at Woodmont is an 8-year-old property in the heart of downtown Bethesda. As of this writing, there are six units available, averaging $664 per square feet, 1 and 2 BR ranging from $549,995 up to $1,099,000. The Chase is 9 years old and has units listed at an average of $662,500, and averaging $656 per square foot. And Hampden Row – brand new – has a number of units available: those that are under $1.7M are averaging $768/sq ft. Older properties such as The Christopher (25 years old) are listing condos at $630 and $667 per square foot.

Be Prepared

You can find top-of-the-line condos in the heart of Bethesda, just be ready for many of them to be in the $800 to $900 sq ft range. But you will have all the latest amenities, walking distance to great shops and restaurants, convenient mass transit and many other coveted features. Downtown Bethesda is an awesome community to live and work and educate children. As always, we are here to help when ready,

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